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Meet the Owner

While still a Morgan Park High School student in Chicago, Paul started working for one of the founding owners back in the early 1970's at the Beverly location.

Paul found his calling and in the late 1980's he bought the original Harvey location. The other locations are long gone and are now just a memory, but here in Harvey he is still making pizzas the same way it's been done for over 50 years.

Pizza by Geneo was established in 1959 by two friends, Gene and Elmer, in Harvey, IL. Gene was of Polish descent, so when they were coming up with the name they wanted to make it sound 'Italian" so they added an "o" to his name and Pizza by Geneo was born.
Originally 5 restaurants were part of this family owned chain, but this original is all that's left. 

Others have taken the name Geneo in various forms and claim to be the original, but here in Harvey we are the first, the original, and the only Pizza by Geneo. Not just in name but in the best damn pizza in the Chicagoland area.

Chains have come and gone, quality has been replaced by cheaper ingredients, imitation dairy products masquerading as real cheese, and promises of $5 fast and readies-but here at Pizza by Geneo we don't cut corners, we only use real ingredients just like we have since 1959.

A pie from Pizza by Geneo is a gateway to the past. Take your tastebuds for a trip down memory lane.

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